Crumbl recently acquired the pie company Crust Club, founded by Tyler and Valerie Kukahiko in 2016. The acquisition was made because Crumbl resonated with Crust Club’s mission, which is similar to theirs, of bringing friends and family together around the dinner table. Now, Crumbl is preparing to franchise the Crust Club concept, with the first franchised location set to open in Logan, Utah on March 8th. Crust Club’s menu focuses on savory and sweet pies, including options like BBQ Mac Pot Pie and key lime pie, as well as take-and-bake meals. The brand has also undergone a refresh, adopting green and charcoal colors and emphasizing fresh ingredients and home-cooked meals. While there are no specific short or long-term goals in place for Crust Club yet, the company is positioned to fill a unique niche in the market. 
As Crumbl continues to expand and grow, it remains uncertain whether Crumbl locations will eventually start selling items like chicken pot pies. Currently, Crumbl and Crust Club are maintaining separate teams and headquarters, but there is potential for further acquisitions in the future. Crumbl’s successful marketing approach, including menu rotation and VIP groups, is expected to benefit Crust Club’s growth as well. With Crumbl’s focus on growth and expansion, there may be more developments on the horizon for both brands. Only time will tell what the future holds for Crumbl and Crust Club as they continue to evolve and innovate in the pie industry. 

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