Over the course of time, retail concepts go through an institutional life cycle. It starts with early growth, accelerated development, maturity and then decline. Blockbuster founded in 1985, grew and peak in 2004 with approximately 9,000 stores. Increased competition from entertainment services, closures, bankruptcy, and more closures lead to its decline. Blockbuster occupied great real estate in shopping centers and strip center plazas, many of these spaces were backfilled with healthcare operated uses. Blockbuster will always serve as a memory for me growing up as a kid. I can vividly remember making it a weekly occurrence to go there with my parents to pick up a movie to watch with our family, leading always to a late return and dropping it off in the video slot outside of the storefront window. As a kid, believe it or not, going to Blockbuster was an experience and served for many great childhood memories of which will not be forgotten.

Did you know that Blockbuster is down to its 1 last store in Bend, OR? Believe it or not, going to a Blockbuster as a kid served as an experience for our family and created many memories of which will never be forgotten.

What do you remember about going to Blockbuster? Please share your memories and experience.