The grocery anchored shopping center has traditionally been one of the safest investments within the commercial real estate sector, considered by many in the past to be “Internet-Proof”. Grocery Stores are seen as anchor tenants that drive traffic to a shopping center which in turn creates a retail synergy that supports the surrounding retail uses. Anchored shopping centers are the preferred retail investment with approx. 48% of investors seeking this product type in today’s market according to an ICSC survey. With the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, grocers have been racing to improve their omnichannel offerings. Grocery anchored shopping centers will continue to be the darling of the retail investment but play close attention, the specific grocers that learn to incorporate omnichannel “the best” will be the ones to drive the best value on the landlord side as it relates to long term stability and credit to real estate assets.

Did you know the average American visits a shopping center between 6-7 times per week?

What is your favorite shopping center where you live?