Just as restaurants and fast casual food chains are evolving, so is the healthcare retail sector.  It comes as no surprise that we are seeing more of these types of businesses pop up within shopping centers, malls, or retail spaces. This trend continues to shape the real estate landscape by creating demand for properties that can accommodate healthcare facilities within retail environments. This type of tenant is great for landlords and investors as it can be seen as a more long-term tenant that constantly drives traffic to their strip center.  

There has been a shift within the healthcare industry due to growing demand for convenient and accessible healthcare services. People are seeking out urgent care clinics or healthcare centers that can service them quickly and effectively without having to wait to see their primary care provider. As we see this shift in the retail sector, it will also come with rental pricing changes, especially in highly desirable and heavily trafficked locations. As noted in the article, “hospitals and health systems are viewed as creditworthy tenants with predictable needs, making healthcare real estate a highly desirable and stable investment alternative compared to retail, office, or hospitality assets.”  

It will be great to watch how these shifts take place throughout the Tampa Bay market and if we see improvements in accessibility to healthcare services. 

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