Target has just about every single household item you could ever need. They have done a great job getting customers to do the bulk of their shopping all in one place. From grocery shopping, to buying a new throw blanket or toiletries, they have it all. Recently, they have focused their efforts on remodeling stores and having displays at the ends of aisles that make you feel like you need to buy certain items while you are there. A simple trip to get an item such as a tube of toothpaste could lead to customers buying more than they anticipated. Target loves to appeal to the impulse buyer with clearance items at the front of the store that you may not have thought you needed but will purchase for the big discount.  

For some time, this model of enticing shoppers to spend more has worked for Target but now with the current state of the economy, we are seeing people being a bit more cautious as to what they are spending their discretionary money on. Overall, however, seems to be doing just fine post Pandemic and according to location analytics from, “Target is seeing higher traffic than peers, including discount retailer Walmart Inc.” This is all good news for the retailer as we also see more store remodels and openings across the country. 

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Target Needs to Make You Want to Spend Again (