Dollar Stores offer unmatched discounts to their customers. Through the pandemic, however, they struggled a bit to keep up with all the online shopping that was occurring. Now, they are making a big comeback and ready to compete with grocery stores and offer more food items. At a time where we are seeing a rise in interest rates coupled with high inflation, this seems like a strategic move for the discount retailer. Currently, dollar stores only make up roughly 3% of grocery sales but we could be seeing more of this in the future.  

Dollar Generals are popping up all across the country, with 1,000 new stores opened from November 2021 to November 2022. Not only are discount retailers appealing to the lower income families, but they are also appealing more to the middle-income families as prices of every day goods are extremely high and the cost of living has increased substantially. These types of stores are now being located where you wouldn’t typically see them, in densely populated areas in urban settings. The discount retailers really understands that everyone loves to save a couple bucks, not only on everyday goods but on food and grocery items too. We will be on the lookout for this new grocery discount retail concept store near us. 

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