7-Eleven continues to evolve and bring ease and convenience to its customers. The convenience store giant just announced that it will be rolling out the largest and most compatible network of Electric Vehicle charging stations, called “7Charge” across North America. Customers will be able to seamlessly download the app for an easy charging and payment experience. The states they will begin implementing these stations include Florida, Texas, California, and Colorado.  Once the EV network is built, it will be the largest in North America. 

In addition, with 13,000 stores in the United States and Canada, 7-Eleven wants to offer more than just a typical convenience store. The newly branded “Evolution” stores that they started rolling out last year include more features than the traditional stores. Some of the new perks include a cigar humidor, a wine cellar, specialty coffee bars, and a sit-down restaurant with outdoor seating for patrons. It’s great to see the evolution and enhancements of retail staples such as this. 

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7-Eleven rolls out proprietary EV charging network | Chain Store Age