Del Taco has been expanding its reach into the Florida market with locations popping up all over the state. Their strategy is different than that of their competitor, Taco Bell, in that they pride themselves on the higher quality food offerings, however, they are also appealing to those who are budget conscious. One side of their menu has items for $2 or less (value menu) and the other side of the menu has regular priced items with unique dishes. What’s interesting about Del Taco is they grate their own cheese off of a block, cut their own avocados to make guacamole, and make their own beans in house. Everything is prepared fresh, similar to Chipotle but with a drive-thru, fast-food store model like Taco Bell.  

One unique item on their menu that sounds delicious are their fried fish tacos made with Sam Adam’s beer. Del Taco’s team reached out to Sam Adams and asked permission to market their taco with the brand of beer, and they accepted. This is a great way for a restaurant chain to borrow brand equity from Sam Adams and leverage it to tell their own story. Another strategy Del Taco is harnessing is getting guest feedback. In today’s world it is easier than ever to obtain feedback through online ordering channels. Del Taco is capturing this by utilizing their programs to get customer feedback immediately. This is smart as it takes constant innovation to remain popular within the restaurant industry. Del Taco is also working on marketing on all social media platforms, utilizing influencers and has a marketing content strategy team in house that produces content. Del Taco sounds like a great place to stop for fast casual Mexican while on the go! 

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Why Del Taco is leveraging communication in the QSR taco wars (