REI is a retail chain that offers apparel and products you need for the outdoors as well as fitness activities. We were fortunate to get one in Tampa a few years ago in Midtown. The store has recently decided to expand upon its “Re/Supply” store concept which will offer high-quality, gently used products at great discounts. REI says, “the selection will change frequently and be made up of lightly used products that REI receives through the typical returns process as well as items received through trade-in programs.” Their first Re/Supply store opened in 2020 in California. This will be their second location Re/Supply location to open in Oregon where it also has eight regular REI stores. 

The company is really focusing its efforts on reducing its Carbon impact on the environment. They believe with these re-supply locations they can achieve 50% less emissions from buying used products vs producing brand new ones. Access to the Re/Supply stores is a one-time $30 membership fee but it also includes other perks such as free bike flat tire repair along with ski waxing. Members can also receive 10% back on some items. REI has 181 locations across the United States. It will be interesting to see how they evolve over time and if they decide to bring their new “Re/Supply” concept to Florida! 

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REI expanding store concept dedicated to used gear and apparel | Chain Store Age