Walmart is the retail pioneer for using drone delivery to deliver packages to its customers. Last year alone, they had over 6,000 successful deliveries from thirty-six stores which have the DroneUp hubs. States with locations include Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia. With the drone delivery service, Walmart has had success delivering items to customers front yards that weigh less than 10 pounds. They are able to reach customers within 30 minutes and have a 1.5-mile delivery radius from the DroneUp Hub.  

According to the article, “Walmart says that 85% of the items sold in one of its Neighborhood Market stores meet the weight and volume requirements for drone delivery. Top-selling items for drone delivery orders include cookies, ice cream, bags of lemons, rotisserie-cooked chickens, and paper towels.” Walmart is not stopping with the stores it has DroneUp delivery service at currently. Due to the success, we are going to see them roll out more of this service at its 4,700 locations nationwide. It is great to see such innovative Drone technology being put to good use with added convenience for customers. 

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Walmart flew over 6,000 successful drone deliveries in 2022 | Chain Store Age