Who doesn’t love a hearty breakfast or warm cup of coffee to start the day?! Denny’s has been around for almost 70 years and is still strives to evolve with its ever-changing customer base. It has been a staple and perhaps even a breakfast tradition for families who want to take their kids out for breakfast. During the pandemic restaurants such as Denny’s took a hard hit but are emerging strong. They have incorporated more contactless features with the use of technology, such as a robot that can clear tables. They have also incorporated QR codes and ordering through technology at tables to make the process easier and more efficient for patrons.  

Another approach Denny’s has taken is in the acquisition of a popular restaurant concept in Florida called KeKe’s Breakfast Café. Prior to the acquisition, there was a lot of concern that Keke’s would be too much of a competitor to Denny’s but they have found it to actually be a nice complimentary restaurant concept. KeKe’s is targeting more of the higher income clientele and has put a fresh spin on the traditional breakfast category. Denny’s plans to grow Keke’s like crazy across the United States. Denny’s is also open 24/7 and caters to the demographic that wants breakfast any time of day, whereas Keke’s is open just for breakfast and lunch. One this is for sure, fast casual breakfast spots are here to stay and are gaining popularity again. 

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How Denny’s fits into the evolving family-dining breakfast category (nrn.com)