Target is leading the charge and continues to benefit for its investment in both digital and brick and mortar assets. As Target continues to slowly grow its new store count, renovate existing units and make investments into its digital footprint, the company is setting itself up to be a fierce force in this new age of retail. This retailer is the poster child to other retailers and is a model that others should follow to strive for relevancy in the future. Over the last 3 years, Target has invested over $9 billion in capital expenditures to refresh stores, open new locations, upgrade company technology as well as supply chain.

With a dedication to morphing and evolving in this retail climate, Target’s investments are paying off in a big way. Target remains to be relevant and has positioned themselves to be a leader in the retail landscape by making investments into existing stores and revamping its brand for long term viable in an ever-changing industry. The company has continued to express its desire to play the long game and to make the right investments, ensuing they remain a viable and thriving business. Retailers that have a plan to change and incorporate omnichannel into their strategy will be the ones to succeed, other retailers that continue to operate the way that they have done in the past and who do not change to meet the new age consumer demands will go extinct! Target is beginning to implement micro unit stores in urban setting to take advantage of dense markets to have a presence and to offer convenient to its customers. Great retailer, great tenant for shopping center owners and a great driver of traffic for a retail trade corridor.