Healthy fast causal concepts continue to be on the rise and pair as a great use in a shopping center with other health-oriented retailers. As consumers seek out food retailers that offer healthy food options, concepts styled around the “Chiptole” bowl blueprint continue to be in high demand. Retailers have followed suit and are beginning to see success of their own. Panera for instance, implemented both a Baja and Mediterranean bowl last fall and have already sold nearly 9 million bowls. A healthy restaurant only makes sense to incorporate into the mix especially when you have a shopping center filled with fitness concepts, smoothie and juicing tenants, cryotherapy, supplement shops among others.

Restaurant Trends! Healthy restaurants tenants are on the rise, serving as a great complementary use to other health-oriented concepts at a shopping center. Restaurants surrounded around telling a story about sustainability and ecofriendly processes remain to be popular demand, having a leg up in the eyes of some consumers. If consumers have the option to pick, they are going to majority of the time select the brand that uses sustainable practices. This includes compostable ecofriendly packing, recycled napkins, ecofriendly straws, bags, etc. Taco Bell which has 7,000 units, announced in January that it will use nothing but recyclable, compostable and reusable packaging by 2025. Chef inspired brands remain to be popular in both big and small cities. It is important to ask local operators not just about their culinary experience but also about their experience running a business. In addition to these trends noted, breakfast restaurants are growing and taking advantage of opportunity. Names such as First Watch, Turning Point, Dunkin, IHOP and Waffle House remain to be in growth mode. While food and beverage uses remain to be great tenants for a shopping center line up, it is important for landlords to careful curate the mix to be sure not to overpower and cannibalize.