Coffee chains continue to grow and work to obtain market share from the already well-known mammoths! The coffee industry overall has evolved over the last 50 years. For decades, Americans obtain their daily dose of coffee from a local diner or café then to have evolved over the years to more corporate known options such as Starbucks, Dunkin and Tim Hortons. Now, more and more regional players are creating a craft product and a custom experience to win over and create raving fans within their communities. With 65% of Americans drinking coffee daily and approx. 70% indulging weekly, coffee consummation is very much ingrained into our way of life!

Coffee Retailers make for great tenants in a shopping center! From the nationally known Starbucks of the world to the locally familiar Kahwa/Buddy Brew type coffee houses, these uses add many positive attributes to a retail property. Many of these concepts become known in their markets as a destination! Once established, many people go out of their way to stop by or plan for a meeting at the property’s location. This use creates reoccurring foot traffic to a shopping center property which is uniquely sprinkled throughout the entire day, morning to night. This traffic generated creates synergies at the property of which other tenants at the plaza can enjoy as well, leading ultimately to higher sales at the property. Coffee tenants have the flexibility to go inline, even though an endcap with a drive through is typically preferred, and can morph their prototype to meet the size and shape of the space available.