From issues which include fixing the Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) glitch, opposing legislation that would tax carried interest as ordinary income, restoring Section 118 income tax exemptions, changes to beneficial ownership reporting requirements and ADA lawsuit reform. ICSC members from around the country travel to visit with Members of Congress in their home states to create interactions outside of DC, build long term relationships in a more personal setting and highlight the breadth and scope of our industry in advocacy and support for the Shopping Center sector.

Our members of ICSC are constantly advocating to promote our industry and communicate with Members of Congress to educate them on the Shopping Center sector and to keep them up to date on current trends and changes. This is very important as their decisions on proposed and future legislation largely affects our industry, which is one of the most critical sectors to our economy. Our organization’s members have been traveling across the country in order to meet with Members of Congress in their home states, discussing issues, walking them through projects and conducting site tours “boots on the ground” educating them and discussing the effects of proposed and passed legislation on the Shopping Center industry.