Portillo’s, a Chicago-based brand led by CEO Michael Osanloo, is strategically focusing on expanding its presence in the Sun Belt region of the U.S., known for its warmer climates and lower taxes. With data showing significant population growth in counties in Arizona, Texas, and Florida, Portillo’s is directing 80% of its future growth efforts towards these states, particularly targeting areas like Phoenix, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth. The brand has seen success in Texas, with four locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth market and plans for further expansion in cities like Las Vegas, Denver, and Atlanta. 
In line with its growth strategy, Portillo’s aims to open nine new restaurants in 2024, with a goal of achieving 10% annual growth in the near term. Looking ahead, the brand envisions a minimum of 920 U.S. locations and anticipates long-term annual growth of 12–15%. To optimize efficiency and reduce costs, Portillo’s is implementing innovative changes, such as the development of smaller, more streamlined kitchen layouts and the introduction of drive-thru-only locations. Despite economic challenges, Portillo’s remains committed to making sound real estate decisions and maintaining its track record of never closing a store in its 60-year history. Osanloo’s focus on strategic growth and operational improvements reflects the brand’s dedication to meeting consumer demand and ensuring long-term success. 

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Portillo’s Future Lies in the Sun Belt – QSR Magazine