Success in the future of retail requires the embracing and implementation of omni-channel into marketing and business operations. The retailers that perform this well will receive a “double whammy” as they capitalize from online in addition to brick and mortar. In the review of the recently passed 2018 Thanksgiving weekend holiday shopping stretch (Black Friday through Cyber Monday), 88% of US adults bought merchandise from physical retailers, whether through their online websites or directly in store. Physical retailers that have created a strong and stable brick and mortar business are thriving as they continue to strengthen and build online platforms taking their brand and engagement with their customers to a completely different level.

Retailers must continue to embrace omni-channel! They have no choice. The retailer’s that embrace and implement omni-channel into their operations will thrive and prosper in our future economic environment, the ones that reject this embrace will be sure to be left on-shore as our retail ship sails into the future.