Kroger enters into grocery partnership with Walgreens! This partnership is a format for Kroger to offer a defined branded section within the Walgreens store footprint to sell groceries. The average Kroger grocery section in the new Walgreens program is going to be approx. 4,000 sf which is roughly about a 30% of the average Walgreens selling space. This move positions both companies to reach new customers and reshape their businesses in order to account for the rise of e-commerce as customers are continuing to evolve and look for different options in the most convenient fashion.

As many retailers continue to implement new and more effective ways of covering more ground and extending reach to their current and future customer base, strategic partnerships will be common ground in the evolving retail industry moving into the future. The Kroger Walgreens partnership is a game changing move that will put Kroger grocery sections in select Walgreens drugstores. With Kroger being great at the grocery business and Walgreens having phenomenal real estate, typically at highly trafficked lighted intersections in dense markets, this effort will benefit both retailers in offering a convenient, one stop shopping experience for groceries, pharmacy, health and beauty. This purely redefines the customer experience and creates access to an expanded selection of offerings, ultimately providing greater customer value.