It has become more commonplace for people to shop online and use delivery services for grocery items in particular but there has been an uptick in online shopping for other household products as well. Nonfood items such as household cleaning products and cosmetic products are being ordered online at a much higher rate than we have ever seen. “48.2% of consumers said they are buying less cleaning supplies in-store, and nearly as many said they are buying less personal and healthcare products (48.1%) and paper products (47.2%).” 

In addition to the trend in these categories, all consumers from Baby Boomers to Millennial’s are cutting back on their overall grocery store spending. Due to higher inflation people are being more particular about the items that they are purchasing and the cost of those products. Instead of buying in bulk, consumers are opting to buy a few less things than they normally would to offset these costs. Convenience is here to stay and consumers are definitely enjoying the time it saves them driving to the store and shopping. Shoppers and retailers have adapted to this new norm for convenience and flexibility. It will be interesting to watch how buying online and delivery services will continue to grow over the next five to ten years and provide more enhancements to the customer experience.  

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Less than half of shoppers buy most groceries in-store: report (