Automation in Restaurants is continuing to increase! A study revealed that 54% of tasks preformed in restaurants can be automated. The declining costs of automated machines in conjunction with the rising cost of the labor market are increasing the appeal for fast food chains. Employees will always be needed at restaurants, but the question is to what degree? Some tasks can be completed by a “machine” but there are many components to a restaurant that require a human element in order to fulfill customer experience and service. Moving into the future, restaurants will embrace automation to cut costs and focus their efforts on customer service. Restaurants are an essential component to a shopping center’s tenant mix and changes to this space need to be watched closely as they continue to evolve.

Did you know that 30% of all Starbucks payments came from Mobile? Starbucks is the pioneer of this technology which allows customers to pre-order, pay and simply pickup their coffee at the ordered location. Mobile orders cut down on wait time and eliminate less room for human error with cashiers dealing with cash and counting change.

The major components that include automation in the restaurant space are food preparation, ordering & paying, automated menus, employee scheduling, employee training and urgent communication. Automation can result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased profits.

Next on the agenda? Self-Driving Robot Delivery and Drones.