CVS moves to add option for Doc On-line styled service. This is the way of the future for the drug-store chain as they look to transform their business model to incorporate expanded physician service offerings. It comes at a time where CVS is getting closer to acquiring Aetna and also as Amazon looks to enter the pharmacy space with its acquisition of online pharmacy Pill Pack. CVS will be using it retail presence as infrastructure on its path to becoming one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. It is truly a hybrid business of healthcare and retail that has not existed in the US.

This digital service will provide pharmacy patience’s a more convenient option for accessing healthcare. Video visits are available 24/7 and cost $59 and can be paid via credit/debit card with insurance coverage to be added in the near future. This offering is currently available in 9 states with plans to be rolled out nationwide by the end of 2018.

Technology is continuing to change the healthcare space. CVS is positioning itself to compete online with the incorporation of digital services of medical offerings. The drug-store chain will look to continue adding online services and leverage on its real estate infrastructure as they near a deal with Aetna and move to becoming one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. CVS will use its retail locations as a destination hub for healthcare solutions with their physical footprint looked to as “the healthcare equivalent of the Apple Genius Bar.”