The convenience store retailer, Wawa Inc. is planning major growth and adding hundreds of new locations that will connect its stores along the East coast and into Florida. With over 1,000 stores already, the chain is planning to open an additional 1,800 locations by 2030. Wawa is looking to fill the void of stores between Virginia and Florida with expansion into new states.

The store will build a few different concepts, one being “traditional,” which is the convenience store and gas station in convenient locations within communities. The other concept is “non-traditional,” serving as more of a rest stop off main highways.

Wawa is also experimenting with standalone drive-thru concept stores, its first opened in January of 2021. They will open a few more this year as a test to feel out what it’s client base is looking for. It will be interesting to see how the drive-thru concept is received and we are excited to see more stores coming to Florida.

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