Walmart understands that customers want to know more about their food, where it comes from and what is in it. In order to improve upon their product offering in grocery stores, they have partnered with McLaren Farms and invested in their own line of Sustainable Beef. Customers are looking more closely at the ingredients in their foods and Wal-Mart wants to be able to provide them with antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and even organic alternatives. The new $325 million project in Nebraska is expected to open in late 2024. The facility will be able to process 1,500 cows per day and create over 800 new jobs.

In addition to having their own line of quality meats, Wal-Mart also invested in a startup called “Plenty” that grows produce indoors near urban areas. The method uses vertical farming which uses less water and can provide grocers with organic and pesticide free vegetables. 60% of Walmart’s sales are from grocery. In today’s market with inflation, it is very appealing for consumers to be able to purchase quality foods at lower prices.

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