A recent survey conducted by “Mood Media” across the U.S., U.K., Spain, France, and China has revealed that the three most important characteristics to shoppers are: #1 – Atmosphere, #2 – Digital in-store, and #3 – Sustainability. As we have learned post pandemic, it comes as no surprise that brick and mortar stores are here to stay. People are back out shopping and enjoy the shopping experience with friends and family.

The top trait that customers like when going to store is a nice atmosphere, it makes them feel relaxed and want to spend more time in that store or return to the store. Some things stores have done to make a nice atmosphere are adding special scents, relaxed lighting, and custom music playlists to create a welcoming ambiance for shoppers. Engaging light up signage was another important factor for shoppers when making purchasing decisions. They also prefer digital check-out and self-serve counters to make purchasing items quick and easy.

In addition, the article stated that “Fifty-eight percent of shoppers globally said sustainability-minded retailers would make them more likely to want to buy something.” Consumers want to know that what they are buying is having a more minimal impact on the earth’s natural resources.

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