Many of us have been in a situation where we are waiting in line to purchase an item and we have time to reconsider that purchase and decide to step out of line. Making the checkout process easy for the end user remains to be a top priority for retailers. Mobile POS systems are a great tool for retailers who want to provide their customers with easy, fast and reliable service. Some retailers are even experiencing having systems like this near fitting rooms so that when a customer tries an item on, they can easily purchase it right then and there.   

The Square POS terminal is a great tool for sales associates to use during the holiday season as well when lines are longer. Customers will appreciate that they don’t have to spend their time waiting to check out and can continue to make more purchases. Another way it can be useful is if a sales associate wants to recommend other products to a customer while walking around, they can make all their purchases during the walk. This is a unique tool that retailers can incorporate into their daily operations to not only make their customers happy but also make the sales associate feel more empowered and helpful. Speed and efficiency at check-out can lead to more sales in the long run! 

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