Target corporations’ newest location in Katy, Texas is 20,000 Sq. Ft. larger than its traditional stores. The retail giant has seen more and more customers ordering online for pickup at the store and sees this as a great way to enhance the customer experience. They want to be able to serve as a fulfillment hub and not just a retail store where you go to physically shop. The new store design has larger windows for more natural light, an expanded food section, new design elements to include reclaimed wood and plants throughout to create a more natural environment upon entering the store.  

The retailer is also focused on sustainability and is striving to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040. They will have solar panels on the roofs of their stores, EV charging stations for customers along with natural refrigerants to lower CO2 emissions. Target also puts an emphasis on its employees and has created larger breakrooms with comfortable seating areas for employees to interact and relax in a comfortable setting when they are off the sales floor. By 2024 the retailer will have completed all store remodels to feature the new design elements. Target shows no signs of slowing down and is doing a lot to remain competitive with the other big retailers.  

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