Although Target increased sales in Q1 of 2022, they missed profit margins by almost $1 billion from last year. Net profit margin decreased due to the high costs of transportation and freight. It is refreshing to see that their “total revenue rose 4.0% to $25.17 billion, above estimates of $24.48 billion. Same-store sales increased 3.3%, also more than expected. Sales growth was led by frequently purchased categories, including food & beverage, beauty and household essentials.”

Unfortunately, they missed their net earnings goal by a longer shot than expected due to the unpredicted costs to get goods from one place to another. This also had huge impacts on other retailers such as Wal-Mart. In addition to higher costs, Target faced other challenges as well such as increased costs at distribution centers and inventory arriving too early or late.

Overall, transportation and logistics has been a nightmare for retailers across the board. We continue to monitor the situation and hope things calm down toward the end of 2022 so that stores can provide customers their essentials and meet their goals.

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Target Q1 earnings plunge amid ‘unusually high costs’ | Chain Store Age