Sweetgreen, a popular fast casual salad restaurant is making improvements towards efficiency in its kitchen. The brand is focusing more on front facing employees who interact with the customers in order to enhance the customer experience instead of preparing and assembling the meals. The health food concept is testing new, automated robotic lines which they have termed “Infinite Kitchen” at two of its locations. The Infinite Kitchen uses a conveyor belt to dispense each ingredient into the salad of the customer’s choosing. CEO Jonathan Neman stated, “We believe this new concept powered by automation unlocks efficiency that will enable us to grow more quickly and have higher profit margins.”  

Speed and efficiency of getting meals to customers along with its loyalty program are a few strategies they have been refining to increase sales. They have also tested out drive-thru store models as well as pick-up only stores which have proven to be a great success serving about 20% more customers than previously. Sweetgreen plans to open 30-35 new stores this year. It is exciting to see locations popping up throughout Tampa Bay and we look forward to experiencing their innovations firsthand. 

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Sweetgreen to Launch Long-Awaited Automated Kitchen | QSR magazine