Subway’s focus and strategy for growth has always been on opening more stores, but now they are ready for their next phase of redevelopment. They are really trying to focus more on the customer experience and providing better service. Subway will be working on improving upon the stores that are already existing as opposed to opening new stores with entrepreneurial franchisees and those who have had success with operations and hiring great personnel to operate their stores. In addition to providing better service, they launched the largest revamped menu in company history this year. They incorporated 11 new ingredients and made over 20 upgrades to their product offerings. The launch featured the highest-profile sports stars, including Serena Williams, Steph Curry, Tom Brady, and Charles Barkley which boosted sales to new levels.

Additionally, 9,000 of Subways stores are remodeling to incorporate a new revamped “Fresh Forward” design which includes LED lighting, new flooring and chair coverings to give the stores a more modern and refreshed look. Subway is also testing out pre-made grab and go sandwiches in airports, casinos and convenience stores, along with contactless and cashier-less smart fridges to see how they perform. Although subway isn’t quite ready to follow suit of other QSR’s expanding with drive-thrus and order online pick up in store, they may do so down the road as they continue to evolve. This is just the start of new things to come for the largest sandwich franchise.

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