With spas continuing to grow at a roaring pace, consumers value health and wellness now more than ever before. This growth has been mainly fueled by a strong economy with individuals having more disposable income. In addition, consumers are placing more value on health and wellness and taking more responsibility for their body and mind. As many would say, people want to live their best life, looking for longevity, striving to be as active as possible and benefit from the associated health rewards. This is not just a trend but a lifestyle that consumers have embraced which benefits shopping center landlords of which have these uses as tenants occupying space at their properties shielding themselves from internet exposure.

Consumers are spending more disposable income now on themselves than ever before which is leading to a lifestyle movement propelling the health and wellness industry. These concepts continue to be great tenants for shopping center landlords for several reasons. They remain to be primarily internet resistant, are complementary to other retail uses and are a driver of repeat foot traffic to a shopping center property. Many of these concepts have a membership-based subscription model such as Massage Envy or Hand & Stone which allows built-in monthly foot traffic to the shopping center. This supports adjacent brick and mortar retail leading to an increase in store visits ultimately resulting in a conversion to more sales.