Abercrombie and Fitch, a long-standing brand very familiar with millennials mainly through their middle school and high school days, is undergoing change with efforts to evolve to the standards of retail today. How many of you remember going to an A&F store with dark lighting in a large store footprint? The brand has announced plans to open more stores, shutter the non-performing locations, and correctly size their store footprint to maximize efficiency and sales per unit to remain relevant in today’s apparel landscape.

The brand is listening to the customer, and the customer has spoken. Abercrombie & Fitch is redesigning its stores to a smaller format prototype, providing the customer with a more intimate feel and allowing for more one on one interactions. The brand, known for its dim-lit ambiance, is creating a new atmosphere by significantly brightening up their stores. In addition, they will introduce click and collect options which provide the customer the ability to order merchandise online for pickup in stores. Retailers that see a change is needed from the traditional way they conduct business then act and evolve to meet changing demands will be resilient in the retail world of the future. Shopping center owners appreciate the retailers that notice a change, make proactive investments, and think ahead on how they can remain relevant with so many different options in the changing world of retail.