Promise is on the horizon! The commercial real estate environment remains favorable in 2022. Investors are choosing real estate and propelling into the market in an effort to diversify their portfolios for many different reasons which include inflation, the volatile stock market, and the low interest rate environment for debt.  Below are a few highlights. 

    1. Significant capital and available debt will contribute to another year of growth.
      “ Preqin reported commercial real estate funds collected over $152.2 billion through mid-October, waiting to be deployed on growth opportunities.”
    2. Secondary Markets will outgrow the countries major cities.
      People are migrating to cities like Tampa at a record pace from major cities such as New York. This year we will continue to see that trend due to the attractiveness of the market, population migration, and job growth.
    3. Office’s will change but they won’t shutter.
      Trends toward offices that offer quality working environments and amenities will continue. Although vacancy rates remain high, there will be a shift toward hybrid working spaces where employees have more flexibility. The office sector is projected to stabilize this year.  

To read more about the trends propelling CRE into a bright year ahead, click the link below. 

Seven Trends Driving Commercial Real Estate In 2022 (