UPS, the American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company, aims to provide services within 5 miles of roughly 90% of its US consumer base. To work in accomplishing this goal, UPS will add thousands of package pickup and drop off facilities to CVS and Michaels stores across the US. The collaboration with CVS alone will add more than 6,000 UPS access point locations. The goal of this move by UPS is to make shipping and receiving packages more convenient in this omnichannel world of retail and work to accommodate the busy lives of its customers.

Retail is changing and expects retailers to continue getting creativity by entering into partnerships such as this one between UPS, CVS, and Michaels. Collaboration is key and leveraging off other retail brands and their uses can prove to make sense in many different scenarios. Walgreens for instance, just recently announced a partnership with Kroger to add a 3,000-SF grocery space inside of select Walgreens stores. This example will ultimately drive more traffic to the Walgreens unit and make a consumer’s shopping trip more convenient, allowing them to pick up grocery items as well as the traditional Walgreens offerings. Kohls and Amazon have a partnership to accept Amazon product returns at their brick and mortar locations. Moves to create partnerships such as the examples highlighted offer companies an opportunity to provide customers with omnichannel services that redefine convenience to accommodate the busy lives of consumers.