Brick and Mortar drives digital engagement! Brand’s web traffic and online sales performance is directly correlated and heavily influenced by the presence of a physical store. The selling experience is directly linked to touchpoints through selling channels such as stores, direct to customer, mobile and online. This link ultimately in effect leads to the promotion of a brand, building better customer relationships, which leads to an increase in shopping trips resulting in higher sales.

Digital retail coupled by brick and mortar creates a retail symbiosis that works in tandem to create customers and sales. It is proven that when a brand invests in brick and mortar locations its online presence thrives!

Physical stores “brick and mortar” remain more important than ever in this changing retail environment! It is proven that online presence thrives when retailers invest in brick and mortar locations. Retail will always be influenced by technology and innovation, however brick and mortar creates the strongest opportunity to build sustainable customer relationships with in turn strengthens brand loyalty!

Studies show that emerging retailers (<10 years old) get a 45% boost in online web traffic from opening a physical store, while established retailers participate on average in a 36% jump! To the contrary, it is also proven that when a store closes its online traffic decreases significantly, one example cites a 77% decrease in online activity following the closure of a brick and mortar location.

Online retailers continue to strategize for the future by opening brick and mortar locations to grow/build their brands and enhance their selling experience, ultimately leading to higher sales. Digital retailers such as Casper, Warby Parker, Carbon38, Untuckit and TechStyle Fashion Group are steadily opening physical units. Amazon has announced plans to open 3,000 Amazon Go stores by 2021.