Kohl’s is a retailer getting creative and thinking outside of the box! Kohl’s has announced a partnership with Amazon to accept Amazon product returns at their brick and mortar locations. With Kohl’s extensive brick and mortar presence, approx. 1,100 stores across 49 states, this move will allow both companies to provide excellent customer service, convenience for their customers and allow for a strong omnichannel approach providing a seamless shopping experience.

Right fitting their stores to drive traffic and grow sales. Very smart move by Kohl’s to evolve as a retailer and stay relevant. Extra Space in our box? Let’s partner with Planet Fitness and capitalize on a health and wellness uses that will drive foot traffic to our brick and mortar and reduce real estate operating costs by their contributions. I really like how this retail tenant is innovating and getting creative to maximize their real estate and adapting to change. Kohl’s partnership with Amazon on their returns initiative is genius as it allows each company to leverage each other’s strengths. 80% of America lives within 10 miles of a Kohl’s. This brand is positioning itself nicely to continue competing and growing market share.