Customers are more likely to go through a drive-through than get out of their cars and go inside to eat at quick serve restaurants. As we saw the trends continue to evolve, it seems that customers still want their food as quickly and efficiently as possible. As more quick serve restaurants invest in technology, one study conducted found that customers ordering speed can be enhanced by having a brightly lit menu with food visuals as opposed to just text. “A study of more than 310 quick-service restaurant locations conducted in 2021 found that, on average, digital menu boards completed orders 9.2 percent faster than locations with printed, static menu boards (356 seconds per order vs. 323 seconds per order).”

It is also important for these restaurants to have the menus illuminated very brightly so that they are fully visible even during the daylight when the sun is shining on them. Another way to enhance the customer experience is by using artificial intelligence technology to take orders at the drive through and utilize ordering screens that confirm what the customer is ordering directly in front of them. These extra enhancements to the drive-throughs allow for the staff inside to focus on quality of food and make sure the products are fully stocked and the facility is kept in good working order. Making these drive-through’s faster and faster is also very good for the businesses bottom line and profit margins; faster orders can equate to more customers being serviced and selling more products.

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