Wendy’s is striving to keep up with current trends on how patrons are ordering and has come up with an entirely revamped brick and mortar layout. The improved layout will feature shelves inside for ordering online and picking up in store as well as a window designed specifically for delivery drivers. There will also be special parking for the grab and go customers.

Wendy’s has seen that many of their sales are coming from digital or are technology based. No one wants to sit and wait in a drive through line anymore. In addition, the restaurant will have a galley style kitchen that allows staff to move more efficiently. They will also have better technology systems and capabilities to accept and handle more digital orders.

The new store prototype enhancements don’t stop there with its energy efficient lighting and HVAC system, the stores will save on energy consumption. The goal for Wendy’s is to improve upon efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness and be able to handle the growing influx of digital orders.

To read more and see renderings click the link below!

Here’s a look at Wendy’s new, technology-fueled prototype (restaurantbusinessonline.com)