Click and collect is an investment in both physical and digital, with retailers implementing this technology and consumers increasingly using it. According to a recent ICSC survey, 50% of adults use click and collect with as many as 61% using it as frequently as once per month. The retailers that offer this option are seeing an increase in sales and overall happier customers. Technology that makes retail purchasing frictionless is now mandatory as consumers expect a retailer to offer this option.

Convenience and technology define retail trends. More and more consumers are requiring retailers to implement technology in an effort to make purchases of products available and acquired through a frictionless process. The primary reasons consumers cite for utilizing click-and-collect are no delivery fees (49%), receiving purchased items more quickly (40%), and the assurance that items will be available when shopping in-store (33%). This technology is changing the retail landscape and is being leveraged by food users as well, such as Chipotle, Panera, Starbucks amongst many other concepts.