Retailers continue to pour money back into their brick and mortar locations. Why? Physical stores remain the heartbeat to retail brands and it is important for them to keep their core assets polished.

The push to make investment into their physical units is an effort to keep their stores fresh, incorporate new store formats and implement newly designed layouts in creating the store of the future to effectively execute on instore pickup and delivery operations.

Target continues to upgrade and remodel the stores within its portfolio. They have executed on remodeling 300 out of their 1,800 units within their store count and have committed to a goal of upgrading 1,100 other units by 2020. Walmart is adding 20 new units and remodeling 500 existing units in revamping stores to include improved lighting, wider aisles and investment into delivery services. Aldi has opened the check book with plans to spend approx. $5.3 billion over the next 5 years to remodel existing stores and open 800 new locations.

Retailers continue to make investments into their brick and mortar assets! This is a move to keep up with the times and continue to remain relevant in the evolution of retail. Many retailers are implementing plans to make renovations and remodel existing stores in order to give customers a reason to visit their brick and mortar locations instead of making online purchases. In this effort, newly remodel units are including layout designs in preparation to create the store of the future by forward thinking of how pickup and delivery operations will be implemented into store functionality.