No delivery address? No problem, according to Dominos pizza’s new technology! Customers of Domino’s pizza can now order from just about anywhere. Whether you are on the beach, at a local park or even a baseball field, you can now order using a pin drop! This new technology was tested last week and the drivers as well as customers had positive feedback about the experience.  

This is a very smart move for the pizza chain as they will be able to reach even more customers and provide that next step of convenience, we didn’t know was possible. 80% of Domino’s business is online ordering now and this can help them tremendously as long as they can find delivery drivers, which has remained one of their greatest challenges. According to the article, “as competition in the food-delivery industry grew during the pandemic, Domino’s has expanded its technology to gain an edge. It started to test pizza-delivery robot cars in 2021, and integrated voice ordering through Apple’s CarPlay technology earlier this year.” I am sure there will be more to come from this innovative pizza chain, and it will be interesting to see if other QSR’s follow suit. 

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Domino’s Pizza DPZ unveils Pinpoint Delivery service (