Dollar Stores continue to grow and evolve! Dollar Tree, which has over 7,000+ stores and owns Family Dollar with over 8,000+ stores, announced a commitment to renovating 1,000 Family Dollar units in the coming year. The plan calls for the company to rebrand 200 Family Dollar stores to the Dollar Tree banner and completely close approx. 390 Family Dollar units across the country. The company announced its 4th quarter results from March 6th, 2019 with the same store sales rising 3.2% at Dollar Tree and 1.4% at Family Dollar.

With value being placed at the forefront of many consumer’s purchasing decisions, Dollar Stores position themselves to be a dominant force into the future. Value retail is just as important now than it ever has been in the past. Consumers look for a bargain and this model has appealed both to low- and high-income earners as well as shopper’s young to old creating a very wide based consumer pool. In addition to these models serving consumers well, they have proven to remain strong tenants for shopping center landlords creating foot traffic and increased retail synergy at the properties that they occupy space, driven primarily by their use and consumer demands.