Dollar General is a retailer that continues to grow! This year D.G. is planned to open nearly 1,000 stores, remodel approx. 1,000 mature stores and relocate approx. 100 existing units. Dollar General has over 750+ stores within the State of Florida. They recently announced that they will expand offerings to include home furnishing, kitchenware, and party supplies to attract wealthier customers. Also, they will look to open produce sections with healthier snacks and private label cosmetics brands. Recently, they forged alliances with FedEx for package deliveries/drop-offs and Western Union for wire transfers as an added amenity for its consumers and a strategy to drive more traffic to their stores.

With 15,000+ stores nationwide, Dollar General is a retailer that has been on the growth train for a long time with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. The brick and mortar infrastructure laid by this retailer across the United States is remarkable. Their presence stretches from core urban locations to rural communities, in both freestanding and inline prototypes. This network of such vast brick and mortar infrastructure, built over decades of growth, makes them a sought-out candidate for retail partnerships. Dollar General can adapt and incorporate changes into their merchandising mix very rapidly and at a massive scale. This retailer is one to watch closely moving into the future. With such a mature built out real estate store network, and the push to convenience and last-mile delivery, I see D.G. positioned to be a future disruptor in the retail space.