Dollar General is a great retail tenant for shopping center owners! This retail brand continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. With over 15,800 stores across the US, DG is implementing further plans to dive deeper into the grocery business with its DG Fresh initiative. The scope of this initiative is to add additional grocery products in order to close the gap between dry goods and fresh product offerings in store. The company continues to expand its cooler program, adding higher capacity coolers which can hold approx. 45% more product, in order to support the DG Fresh program. The company added approx. 20,000 cooler doors across its store base with plans to install more than 40,000 coolers doors for the entire year. The new coolers are being added to relocations, remodeled stores and new units.

As a shopping center owner, you must analyze the tenants of which you lease space to. It is critical to perform a thorough review of their past, current and future business model to determine if they are positioned for success in this evolving world of retail. Retailer’s must constantly innovate and look for ways to engage with customers. With its vast brick and mortar infrastructure, Dollar General is doing a great job of maximizing opportunity. They are further expanding into the grocery business and continue to innovate on the omnichannel front, DG mobile app and mobile store checkout. Relevancy in retail involves innovation and Dollar General is one of the strong tenants leading the pack!