Chipotle is the only restaurant chain to own all of its own stores. It is very exciting to see that they have been doing well and just opened their 500th store in Kentucky with their infamous “Chipotlane,” which is what they call their new drive-thru concepts. The store is excited to announce its next phase of growth by making a big splash in 2023 and opening roughly 250-285 new stores. The chain stated that their new stores that offer the “Chipotlane” are seeing higher returns than the stores that do not. Customers really like this new feature because its fast, efficient and they don’t have to get out of their cars. 

The chain is also focusing on technology with ways to get deliveries to customers faster along with techniques that streamline processes in their kitchens to make cooking and preparing food more efficient.  Chipotle has over 3,100 total locations throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. It is nice to see that they have overcome the challenges that they have had in the past with poor food quality and thriving as a top quick serve restaurant concept! 

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Chipotle to open 250 to 285 restaurants in 2023 | Chain Store Age