Patrick Doyle, former CEO of Domino’s pizza for over a decade, brought the chain to the #1 position in its sector. Now, he is at the helm of the Burger King franchise and investing $30 million of his own money to align his incentives with that of Burger King. Burger King launched a $400 million revival plan before Doyle came on board called “Reclaim the Flame.” This effort includes substantial advertising and digital investments, remodeling restaurants, enhanced operations, and financial incentives for franchisees. Burger King is behind its competition as far as technology is concerned. Of the $400-million internal initiative, about $50 million is “just for franchisees to upgrade the technology in their restaurants: point-of-sale terminals, screens in the back of the restaurants, cabling—all will get a big push over the next year or so.” 

Doyle believes what brings customers into Burger King vs. its competitors is the Whopper. It has always delivered a top-notch burger and that’s where it is focusing its marketing efforts. Ultimately, he told investors in February, “that is how Burger King competes” with McDonald’s, not to mention Wendy’s and its fresh-meat positioning for hamburgers. Their new ad campaign jingle emphasizes their Whopper and starts with “Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper” with a hip hop tone to its classic 1970’s jingle. The undertaking to transform Burger Kings across the country is a big one, however, if there’s anyone that can lead them to success it will be someone who has done it before. Over the next five years, it will be great to watch the transformation unfold for the burger chain.  

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