TJX is a strong tenant for a shopping center landlord for many reasons and throughout all seasons! Everyone wants a bargain! As consumers look to stretch their dollar, this retailer continues to provide options that are aspirational and economical which bodes well in this sector of the market. They consistently drive traffic to their stores by keeping customers engaged and by regularly changing their instore assortments. This prompts regular visits by shoppers which in turn generates more foot traffic to the store and overall shopping center development. In addition, this retailer continues to implement an ongoing expansion program with includes the growth of core TJX stores as well as the growth of both their HomeGoods and HomeSense concepts.

The future is bright for this retailer which has a strong customer base, good strategy, strong proposition and thoroughly understands the dynamics of its shopper. They will remain to lead the pack and are a great tenant to a shopping center landlord. TJX continues to drive traffic by constantly changing their instore assortments, providing economical options for aspirational brands and does an excellent job on their execution as a retail operator. In my opinion, I believe this retailer is set up to thrive in any economy and will continue to outperform the market.